Finding Dory - Japanese Trailer (English Translation ONLY)

Narrator: Finding Nemo's staff lastest installment...
Nemo: Are you ready?
Narrator: Nemo's favourite friend...
the cheerful and forgetful Dory.
Dory: Um...for sure...what were we talking about again?
Narrator: She has one thing that she didn't forget.
Dory: Hey, hey...oh, oh, oh!
Narrator: And that is...
Dory: Family!
Do you know the feeling of wanting to see your family?
Marlin: Ahhh...
Dory: Quickly, let's go!
Marlin: Wait! How are you going to find them?
Nemo: This time, I'm going to help!
Narrator: Seeking those precious memories, they start their adventure.
Turtles: Do you remember what your mum and dad look like?
Dory: Should be a blue body and a yellow tail.
Crush: Hold on tight!
Dory: Argh!
Nemo: Dory!!!
Narrator: Dory's secret is hidden in the human world.
Marlin: Somebody! Do you know Dory?
Seal: If you're looking for your friend, she's over there.
Human: Welcome to the aquarium.
Octopus/Hank: Oi!
Dory: Hey! Who are you?
Octopus/Hank: I am Hank.
If you want to find your family, follow me.
Definitely make sure that you're not found by the humans.
Nemo: Where's Dory?
Whale: Argh!!!
Heh? Dory?
Dory: Yes, that's right.
Whale: Dory?!
Dory: Yep.
Whale: Do you remember me?
Dory: Umm...
Perhaps my family is no longer around?
Nemo: If we find Dory's mum and dad, is this farewell?
Narrator: No matter what happens, just keep swimming.
Just waiting around, a miracle cannot happen.
Whale: Hurry, find Dory!
Dory: So, let's go...
Octopus/Hank: OK!
Dory: Umm, nope! Right!
Octopus/Hank: Huh?
Dory: Not that way...
Octopus/Hank: Which way?
Dory: That's it! Keep at it!
My family is waiting for me.
Marlin: Nemo! Watch out!!!
Nemo: Help!!!
Dory: Oh, yes!
Marlin: Argh!!!
Nemo: Dory!
Narrator: Finding Dory.