Finding Dory - Baby Dory

Dory: あたしね。なんでもすぐに忘れちゃうの。
I forget things quickly.
(English: I suffer from short term memory loss.)

Dory's Mum: そう。そう。
Yes, yes.
(English: Yes!)

Dory's Dad: よくできた。ちゃんと言えたぞ。
That's right. You said it correctly.
(English: That's exactly what you say.)

Dory's Mum: それじゃ、私たちがお友達の役(やく)をやりましょう。
So we'll play roles as your friends.
(Okay. We'll pretend to be the other kids now.)

Dory's Dad: Ah hem.
(English: Ah hem.)

Dory's Mum: はいドリー!
Hi Dory!
(English: Hi Dory.)

Dory's Dad: やぁ、こんちは!
Hey, hello!
(English: Ahoy there.)

[Dory Laughs]

Dory's Dad: 隠れん坊(かくれんぼう)、やらない?
Do you want to play hide and seek?
(English: Do you want to play hide and seek?)

Dory: いいよ。隠れん坊、大好き!
Yes! I love hide and seek!
(English: Okay. I love hide and seek.)

Dory's Dad: 隠れるから、十数え(かぞえ)たら、探して。
After we hide and you count to 10, come and find us.
(English: We'll hide and you count and come find us.)

Dory: はいパパ。
Yes, papa.
(English: Okay daddy.)

Dory's Dad: 違う、違う。パパじゃないよ。ドリーの友達になりたい、いい魚。分かった?
No, no. Not papa. I'm the nice fish who want to be Dory's friend. Understand?
(English: No, no. Not daddy. I'm the nice fish who wants to be your friend. Okay?)

Dory: はいパパ。
Yes, papa.
(English: Okay daddy.)

Dory's Dad: 違う。
(English: No.)

Dory's Mum: 隠れるわよー!
I'm hiding!
(English: I'm hiding.)

Dory's Dad: じゃ、十を数(かぞ)えて。
Now, count to 10.
(English: Now count to ten.)

Dory: 一、二、三、えっと。。。四、えっと。。。砂(すな)って好き。ぺたぺたしてて。
ママ、 遊びに行っていい?
One, two, three, umm...four, um...I like sand. It makes a noise when I pat it.
Mama, can I go play?
(English: One, two, three, umm...four, umm...I like sand. Sand is squishy.
Mummy, can I go play with them?)

Dory's Mum: ドリー!
(English: Dory!)